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Our Story

In the fall of 2022, Maxwell was enjoying a special hand-rolled cigar that his friend had brought from Pinar del Río Province of Cuba. He was savoring the cigar with a glass of bourbon in hand at his home bar along with his wife Lenisse (Bee). Knowing his passion for cigars, Bee said to him, “Why don’t you turn your passion into a mobile cigar lounge?” She then drew the concept on a napkin.

On that warm evening, Grey Ghost Cigars & Coffee mobile lounge was born in a bar.

Maxwell has been a cigar enthusiast since he worked in reputable hospitality industry companies such as The Ritz Carlton and Lowes Hotels as a Food and Beverage Manager for over 15 years.

So Where Did The Name Grey Ghost Come From?

Our name is derived from our beloved Weimaraner, Kobe! His breed is nicknamed Grey Ghost in part because of their distinctive grey coat. They are an icon of elegance and are known to enjoy spending time outdoors in large open spaces.

Our Mobile Cigar Lounge is elegant indeed with our upscale Airstream, custom high-end Humidor, and Italian commercial-grade Nuova Simonelli coffee machine. We aim to deliver a unique experience to your special event with a stylish outdoor sitting area where you can relax and enjoy premium cigars and artisan coffee.

Our Mission

~ We pledge to create moments to remember for our guests who will always enjoy an elevated cigar experience.

We Support Our Troops

Maxwell is also a former US Marine. Ironically, the United States Marine Corps was also born in a bar/tavern on Nov. 10, 1775. One of his five children Brandon is currently still serving as a Combat Engineer in the Marine Corps. 

Grey Ghost Cigars and Coffee also contributes a percentage of its profits to Semper Fi & America’s Fund, an A-rated non-profit organization that provides a variety of programs to assist wounded veterans in all branches of the United States Armed Forces.
We also host special events for Law Enforcement and Firefighters.  

Click here to find us in the Semper fi fund page Semper Fi Fund 




Your wife doesn’t want you to smoke cigars in your house?

No problem, we are your one of a kind traveling cigar box and we will be happy to meet you at the agreed location. We can even park outside your home and provide a stylish outdoor sitting area where you can just relax and enjoy premium cigars with your friends!

And if your wife lets you smoke cigars, invite her friends too!

 We deliver unique experiences to weddings, bachelors parties, birthday parties, corporate events, military balls, charity events, and other private events. Call us or book with us online to get started!

What other services does Grey Ghost Cigars and Coffee provide?

Max is an experienced bartender, and he is very good at mixing and serving drinks. Although we don’t sell alcohol, we provide bartending services when you book our mobile lounge.